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Artists as Entrepreneurs

Not all entrepreneurs are artists, but all artists are entrepreneurs. With the aim of being an inclusive space for all entrepreneurs, The Hub Powered by PNC Bank and the Greater West Dayton Incubator will intentionally support entrepreneurs who use or deliver creative arts as a service or product through the Artists as Entrepreneurs: Community Visual Artists Exhibition and the Artist as Entrepreneur: Community Artist Residency Program.  

Community Visual Artists Exhibition

The Hub and the Greater West Dayton Incubator will offer space for the exhibition and sale of 2D visual artwork created by artists in the Greater Dayton area. Submissions will be reviewed by the Arcade Innovation Hub Arts Committee prior to being accepted for display. Exhibit space will be offered on an equitable basis to individuals and groups with preference given to submissions from underrepresented artists. Artists are invited to submit collaborative works if desired. 

The selection committee has expressed interest in submissions that reflect the theme of inclusion. 

Community Artist Residency Program

Each year, a Community Artist will be selected through a competitive application process and will receive a stipend and yearlong open coworking membership at The Hub and Greater West Dayton Incubator. In exchange, artists will be expected to connect with at least one academic courses taught in The Hub, serve on the selection committee for the Artists and Entrepreneurs Rotating Community Art Exhibit, and perform or deliver at least two public workshops in connection to their medium of art. Artists will also be expected to create a piece of work that embodies the missions and values of The Hub and the Greater West Dayton Incubator, and organize a culminating signature event at the conclusion of their year-long experience.

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