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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who could benefit from using our space?
    Our coworking space offers individuals an alternative to the traditional work from home model and allows companies to offer their employees a professional working environment for summits, retreats, and team building, all with little financial risk.
  • What is coworking?
    Coworking is the communal use of facilities such as an office or other working environment by multiple tenants who are either self-employed or employed by different companies.
  • Why choose coworking over working from home?
    Networking - A key element of coworking is the ability to network with other professionals in a shared working environment. Coworking spaces offer natural opportunities for you to meet new contacts that can help support your business as well as member engagement events that create structured opportunities to grow your network. Avoid Distractions - Working from home can be a distraction for many professionals with things like laundry, kids, and pets keeping your attention. Shared workspaces can provide the comfort of a home with amenities like lounge furniture and kitchenettes but also include professional spaces like conference rooms and desks. Flexibility - Coworking spaces offer more flexibility than a traditional lease would allow. Professionals are typically required to sign a membership agreement versus a standard lease agreement. Flex spaces are also open with extended hours or 24/7 access which can appeal to the morning bird, night owl, AND weekend warrior. Professionalism - If you run your business out of your home, coworking offers business owners a place to invite guests, conduct in person meetings, and provides entrepreneurs a business address to use for mailing purposes versus a home address. Amenities - Flex spaces offer conveniences that are included with the cost of membership such as sanitation and cleaning, furnished offices, and utilities. These amenities are generally at a reduced rate in comparison to traditional leases. Connection - One thing most remote workers can agree on is lacking office interactions with coworkers. A sense of community and companionship is effortless to achieve when in a flex workspace. Community - Sharing a workspace with other organizations provide you with an opportunity to collaborate and connect with people from different kinds of work. Members who work for a range of different firms, ventures, and contracts, often feel more empowered about their work. Spark Creativity - Flex spaces are esthetically pleasing and are purposefully designed to inspire creativity for those working in the environment. Connecting with a coworking community is great way to uncover new ideas and improve your mindset or mood. Balance - Those who work from home, frequently find they are not able to completely separate business activities from personal activities. Coworking communities allow an additional workspace outside the home so you can effortlessly move between the two if desired.
  • Why would a large organization need to use a coworking space if they have enough conference rooms or real estate to host a meeting?
    A switch in the work setting can make a big difference when crafting new ideas among a team. Hosting meetings in a routine environment can reduce brain stimulation and limit creativity. Innovation centers are beautifully designed to inspire creativity, improve mood and mindset, and spark inspiration.
  • I am trying to start my own business, what services/programs does the Hub offer?"
    The Hub is host to the Ohio Small Business Development Center that helps new entrepreneurs find available resources they may need to start their business. They do not take walk-in appointments, but you can schedule an appointment at or by emailing Cindi Green, Program Coordinator, at or calling at 937-210-9460.
  • What is the Dayton Arcade?
    The Arcade is a collection of five buildings located in Dayton, Ohio. The Arcade is a historical, architecturally elegant complex located in the heart of Dayton's central business district. Built between 1902 and 1904, it consists of five interconnecting buildings topped by a glass-domed rotunda, 70 feet high and 90 feet in diameter, below which two balconied upper floors circle the central enclave. Currently the Arcade is home to dining, arts and culture spaces, event space, and the Hub innovation center. It is important that you plan your visit to the Arcade in advance and check with individual tenants to see their hours of operation. Not all areas of the Arcade are currently open to the public. More information can be found here
  • What are the benefits of Hub Membership?
    Unlimited Access to Co-Share & Vibrant Collaboration Areas Parking & Professional Services Unparalleled Collaboration Opportunities Marketing Opportunities Food & Fuel Safety & Property Maintenance Internet Learn More Here
  • What are the Hub's hours of operation?
    We are open weekdays from 9am - 6pm. Members can access the space at any time with their mobile app. Non-members can only access the space when The Hub is open.
  • Is the space open to the public?
    The Hub Dayton is home to numerous private office spaces and classrooms that are not open to the public. The Rotunda and Tank are not a part of the Hub, but are a part of the Arcade, which is a hybrid space for visitors and businesses. This space currently has limited access to the public. You can learn more about planning your visit here. The Rotunda and Tank can be reserved for private events by contacting Culture Works. The Hub does not manage rentals for these spaces. More information can be found here.
  • Is food and beverage permitted in The Hub?
    We do not have restrictions on catering, however, we do have a member; Rich Taste Catering, that we like to recommend if catering is needed. They can be reached at We also have a bistro onsite that serves breakfast and lunch items. Their menu can be found here There are also several local eateries nearby. A downtown Dayton lunch map can be found here
  • Is there security available at the Hub?
    University of Dayton Public Safety officers are on site at The Hub with assistance from Merchants Security. These officers are on site to ensure the safety of the students of the University of Dayton, as well as the members, employees and guests of The Hub.
  • Does the Hub validate parking?
    Currently, we only validate for staff and faculty of The Hub only. Additional parking information can be found here:
  • Looking for Nucleus?
    The history of The Hub can be traced back to Nucleus CoShare. Nucleus opened in 2015 in the Oregon District. Eventually Nucleus grew out of its space and moved to the 444 Building on Second Street. In 2017 Nucleus was incorporated into the Entrepreneur's Center. In 2021 the Entrepreneurs' Center and the Crotty Center opened the new coworking space called The Hub.
  • What is the room usage cancellation policy?
    A. After 14 days following the date of booking, The Hub may terminate only for good cause. Upon such termination, and absent any default by User, all funds shall be refunded to User less expenses incurred by The Hub in preparation of the Facilities for User prior to such termination, provided that if the termination is only partial, User shall be entitled to only a partial refund in an amount to be determined by The Hub in its sole discretion. B. User may terminate the booking any time prior to seven (7) days in advance, in which case User shall be entitled to a refund of all fees less (i) all expenses incurred by The Hub in preparation of the Facilities for User and (ii) a cancellation fee of 50% will be charged within seven (7) days of the event (iii) a cancellation within 48 hours will result in the transfer of the fees to another booking to be used within six (6) months of the event.
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